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Jack's Original Vanilla Fudge Gift Box


Jack's Fudge

Jack's Original Vanilla Fudge Gift Box



Oh we’ve got lots to share about this one. This is our original fudge, the first ever fudge we created and it’s a winner, look! Two shiny Great Taste Award stars awarded back in 2018. We’ll let the Great Taste Awards judges do the talking here! “Packed with the flavour of rich caramel and good butter, not too sweet and no sugariness…melts beautifully in the mouth”. “A good colour and a delicious aroma of caramel and butter…there is a toasted caramelisation that we like a lot.” “A great texture to this fudge with a rich colour. We really like the molasses element…a very well crafted fudge. “Flavours reminiscent of happy times. The flavour cuddles you. Molasses, butter…melts smoothly on your tongue filling you mouth with layers of sweet, treacle flavour. This is how fudge ought to be - you've nailed it! Long finish of butter and deep dark sugar.”

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150g box.

Produced in Belfast.

+ Product Details

INGREDIENTS: sugar, evaporated milk, butter (milk, salt), water, vanilla extract.

STORAGE: Store in cool, dry conditions. Once opened keep tightly sealed and consume within 2 weeks.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Naturally gluten free.

4 months best before from date of production. All products sold now will have a post Christmas best before date. 

+ 10% of profits are donated

We donate 10% of our profits to causes we think are important. We do this on a quarterly basis.

We donate 7% to Give Directly, a non profit that facilitates unconditional cash transfers to people living in poverty. We donate 2% to Ecologi who are in involved in planting trees. We donate 1% to the Orangutan Project who are involved in the rehabilitation of Orangutans who have become displaced.